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Custom Services

If Yamaha is your brand or if you're looking for the ultimate backcountry sled then look no further! We can make your biggest and baddest sled dreams come true! We are experienced certified mechanics that have over a decade of turbo charging experience! Not only do we build these sleds for customers, but we build these sleds for ourselves and we leave nothing to chance!

The newest sled on the Yamaha block is the long awaited SR Viper!!! The power is produced from the tried and true 1050cc Nytro engine that has been proven to produce huge reliable horsepower under boost, up to 270 hp on premium pump gas and over 350++ hp on race gas. The new chassis is where the game changes, the lightest, most agile, best responding chassis that Yamaha has ever used! Shedding enough weight to put it within 30lbs of the competitions two strokes, but with the huge torque and crazy top end that boosted 4 strokes are known for. Call us to set up a time to ride one and change your mind about what back country sledding is all about!

We specialize in complete custom snowmobile chassis, chassis work, nitrous oxide injection, turbos, superchargers, personalized clutching, fuel management systems, suspension and shock packages and all of the lightweight tricks to get your machine on top first!

We aren't just sled builders aloneā€”if your interests lie in the dirt then we can make your ATV/UTV or Dirt bike rip too! We have extensive knowledge in UTV turbos, Motocross/off-road suspension setup and engine performance upgrades. Check out all of our big bore options for that next level of performance.

All of these packages below are based off from the Nytro platform:

Stage l Supercharger: Nytro only
  • Stock Chassis
  • MPI Supercharger
  • 6-8 PSI Boost
  • Pump Fuel
  • 180-200 HP
Stage ll Supercharger: Nytro Only
  • MPI Supercharger 14-16 PSI
  • Stock Motor W/ Timing Changes
  • 162"X15"x 2.5" Camo Extreme Track
  • EZ Ryde Rear Suspension
  • Z Broz front suspension +3 forward
  • Ice Scratchers
  • Steering Post Relocation Kit
  • Outlaw Clutching Kit
  • Prologger Gauging
  • Needed Vitals
  • 270-290 HP
Stage lll Supercharger: Nytro Only
  • Same as Stage II Supercharger Plus
  • Full Motor Work
  • Carrillo Rods
  • JE Pistons
  • ARP Studs
  • Ti Valve Springs
  • Timing Changes
  • VE Tunnel
  • 4-Pass Coolers
  • Z Broz Front Suspension
  • Exit Piggy Back Shocks
  • Custom Paint/Wrapping
  • 20+ PSI Boost 335HP+
Stage l Turbo: Viper/Nytro
  • MPI/GYTR 190 hp turbo
  • Outlaw clutching
  • High flow exhaust
  • 7 PSI boost 190 HP
Stage ll Turbo: Viper/Nytro
  • MPI/GYTR 190 HP turbo with performance upgrades
  • high flow exhaust
  • timing re-flash
  • full gauging package
  • outlaw clutching
  • fuel system upgrade
  • boost controller
  • 220 hp pump fuel
Stage lll Turbo: Viper/Nytro
  • MC Xpress Turbo
  • Outlaw Clutching
  • Full gauge package with automatic boost control
  • Cold air intake
  • head studs
  • head shim
  • cam timing mods
  • 270 hp pump fuel
Stage IV Turbo: Viper/Nytro only
  • 290+++ hp race fuel only

Call for options and upgrades.

Other Custom Services
  • Chassis mods
  • Front and Rear suspension packages from Z broz, EZ Ryde, Timberlsed, K-Mod and skinz
  • Long Track kits, tunnels, skis and tracks
  • Anything you need to put your added horsepower to the ground.